1 Vision 2

To be recognized as leaders in formulation, administration and concretion of commercial projects with the People Republic of China.

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To offer a personalized and excellence service, contributing effectively to the commercial exchange with the People Republic of China, supported on a team of capable and awkward professionals, with a deep experience in the area.

1 Values 2

The fundamental props on which we base our mission are:

Human resources with high ethic values
  • Personal Integrity and honesty led to the Business.
  • Passion for the clients and Associates.
  • Disposition to assume big challenges and to carry them out.
  • Commitment with the excellence and personal permanent improvement.
  • Commitment with the quality and the results waited by our Clients, Shareholders and Associates.
Strong connection with the Customer
  • To be connected with the clients, to understand all their needs, and to add value offering a professional service that leads to the efficient concretion of their projects.

Global View

  • To think and act with a global mind, provided with a multicultural team that takes effective decisions in a diverse universe of customers and associates.
  • In everything what we do.
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